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  • You may choose between viewing ALL the Plans  OR  FREE ONLY Plans.
    That choice is at the top of the plans lists.
  •  These plans are not my plans. They are from a variety of sources.
    It is up to you to download, copy, save, or print any of the plans.
  • If you have a slower modem connection, be patient when loading pages that have photos;
    there are a large number of plans.


  • The Photo Link will display a photo of the project in a New Window.


  • The Plan Link will display the detailed plans in a New Window.


  • Plans are ordered alphabetically within each category.


  • These plans are from a variety of sources, so some plans measurements will be Metric, while others while be English. 
    To do a conversion between units,
    use the conversion link on the HOME page.

Please me with any other problems, questions, comments or concerns you have with the site.

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