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A Little About Me...

Me and My DogI'm Charlie Weinke, owner, operator, programmer and doer-of-all on the site.
If there are problems, I'm the one to blame....

I started Free Woodworking Plans on the Internet back in 1995, when I started surfing the internet  for woodworking plans and all I found were links to lists of links, that were lists of more links - nobody offered any actual plans, just links to lists. Started as just a page with photos and URLs, the site has evolved to an online database of more that 2500 plans. I hand pick the URLs and add new ones almost everyday.

I got involved in woodworking at an early age, with one grandfather a cabinetmaker, and the other a carpenter. Those seeds were planted but didn't start to grow until I owned a 100-year old house that need extensive restoration. From there it evolved to friends and neighbors asking for items to be built, to running my own furniture shop. I have always believed that if you could imagine it, you could make it; maybe not the first time, but persistence pays off!

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