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A Few New Things For Your Interest!

  • Jack Sander has a new Free Plans site that he's started, and it has a lot of good basic plans. I'll be indexing his plans into my database over the next few weeks, but in the meantime check out his site:   http://myoutdoorplans.com/free-outdoor-plans/

  • Also, Marin Begic has created a site at http://theplywood.com/ dedicated to Software and Hardwood Plywood that gives you the complete scoop on Physical and Aesthetic Properties of Plywood Grains, Various Plywood Joints,  and the Differences and Uses of Software and Hardwood Plywood. 
    I've posted one of his articles, Using Plywood For Home Furniture below.

  • Sarah, a Cubmaster of a Cub Scouts Troop in Colorado forwarded a link her scout troop has found useful.
    Woodworking Resources - For the Beginning Builder


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These woodworking plans are not my woodworking plans; they are from a variety of sources.
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Here's a bit of information I've gathered about lumber:   A Brief Guide to Lumber and Plywood Grading.

Article here..........................................

Before you rush off to find a plan, take a little time to read some of these interesting articles I've collected...

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